Reminder: this is an adults only comic and it’s only going to get adults-onlyer from here on out.

Also I never really got into it here, but one of the things I decided on my break is that I’m not going to let my update deadline get to me as much as I had been letting it. I had kind of developed an unhealthy relationship with Easy where it was the only thing I would allow myself to work on and I felt like I got to a point where I couldn’t progress without stepping away a bit. I apologize if this means more sporadic updates for a little while but for now it’s the right move for both my mental health and my artistic development. I have a lot of cool stuff in the works though and these days I’m feeling more optimistic about art than I have in years. Thanks again for joining me on this anxiety and dick-filled odyssey. It’s been quite the journey for both me and Josiah!