Here are some excellent recommended reads, things that have been inspirational or entertaining to me in some form or another.


Here are a few people who have personally supported me in one way or another, whether through encouragement, plugging, or just being all-around awesome people.

Mister Hayden Comics     –    Square Comix

Here are some my personal favorites! Comics marked with an asterisk deal with various LGBT themes!

O Human Star*     –     The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal*     –     Johnny Wander

Can of Beans*     –    Octopus Pie     –    Nedroid     –    Tobias and Guy*     –    Always Raining Here*

Tripping Over You*     –     Validation*     –    Muddler’s Beat*

Here are some more links, but these ones might not be entirely…”family friendly.”

Chesterfield XYV     –    Slipshine     –    Oglaf