Here are two songs to close the chapter with as we fade to black on the scene: one that fits tonally, and one that fits lyrically.

And with that, the end of Chapter 2. I promised there would be at least some closure,
and here it is. Did Josiah and Daniel do the deed together? Yes. Yes they did. Now you

Along with the rest of the world.

Poor Josiah.

This was never supposed to happen, actually. I’ve talked a lot about the original
version of this story and all that, but even in the updated versions this was not part
of the plan, not until very recently in fact. So far Easy has been about dealing with personal demons,
the things people are too afraid to let out into the world and such. That’s all well and
good, but the irony of storytelling is that any internal demons one might be facing are
automatically on display for the audience, so nothing is really and truly internal, is
it? So I started thinking, what would happen if Josiah knew people were reading his


I know, pretty heavy stuff, right!?

But more to the point: what happens when a person’s demons get out into the world before they’re
ready? How much more difficult would it be to deal with your own personal issues when
they’re on display for everyone else to see?

Well, Josiah is about to find out firsthand.

He still has a long way to go, but hopefully over the next few chapters we’ll be able to
answer at least a few of those questions.

As always, thanks for reading!