[Originally posted November 15, 2014]

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That’s it! The end of Chapter 1!

To celebrate I’d like to ramble a bit, if you’ll indulge me. If you don’t like like needless background information and sloppy sentimentality, then feel free to skip the next part and come back Wednesday for Page 1 of Chapter 2. For everyone else…

The original version of Easy was very different from the one you’re seeing now. It started off as a silly little 25 page story which was mostly the same as what you’ve just read, but always felt a little lacking in some way to me. In the original story, we saw some of the time Josiah and Daniel shared in the bar after this, and then cut to Josiah waking up alone the next morning and ruminating rather sadly on his life. And then that was it! The end! Ambiguity and depression!

So I decided to write a sequel. But the sequel kind of shared the same problems. The unyielding ambiguity and depression continued to be…unyielding. For some reason, it still just wasn’t working…

So I wrote a third part! A third part that made everything right and everything answered and and and…and I dunno. It was stupid. It didn’t work either.

That’s when I had a crazy idea! So crazy! A crazy idea that completely changed everything I had spent all that time writing, but all of a sudden made everything snap into place. See, in this NEW version…

Well, you’ll see.

The idea has evolved quite a bit over time, and I am personally rather proud of how it’s come along, and very excited for where it’s going next. I sincerely appreciate everyone who has paid any mind to my silly little comics, and I really can’t thank you enough for sparing little old me a bit of your time and attention. It means a lot to see people actually enjoying the stuff I make, and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy it in the future. But really if you’ve already gotten even a fraction of the enjoyment out of it that I’ve gotten from making it, then I’ll still consider it a rousing success!