Easy is an ongoing weekly comic about Josiah Douglas, a deeply closeted middle-aged English teacher. He isn’t exactly “happy with his lot in life,” but he’s at least worked himself into a comfortable enough rut. That is, until he meets a former student at the local adult superstore, and everything that he has worked so hard to hide begins to take the center stage of his life.

While on the surface Easy looks like a “coming out” story, it’s really about the general feelings of isolation we all deal with anid the difficulties we all face in searching for acceptance, and how maybe if we open ourselves up, we can find it in the places we least expect.





Theoretical FAQ

Q: Hi. Who are you?1
A: Hi! My name is Cody Frederickson, some stupid dude from the suburbs of Boston. I’ve always loved comics and storytelling, but I’ve had a hard time getting any of my myriad projects off the ground. A few years ago I started a daily journal comic called Unreliable, which ran for a year straight and still updates periodically when something interesting happens to me (which admittedly is not often). However, it did teach me the discipline I needed to maintain a steady project, as well as the confidence to finally make it happen.

Q: Okay, that was a little more in-depth than I expected. So what exactly is this then?
A: I’ve always been interested in telling stories above all else, and while Unreliable was a lot of fun and taught me a lot, it lacked a narrative and it just wasn’t what I wanted to focus on. Easy was originally a short 25 page story that wasn’t meant to turn into much else, but the more I worked on it the more of a life of its own it took on. It is now an ongoing story that still has a planned ending, but is still quite a ways off!

Q: And when does it update?
A: Wednesday night/Thursday morning, ideally around midnight but sometimes later!

Q: Is it safe for work?
A: Usually! However, there is a fair amount of butts and sexual content. There’s nothing especially explicit, but at least expect to see a lot of bare hairy chests and dude-on-dude kisses.  I always try to forewarn when there is  inappropriateness coming though!

Q: Can I ask some things not specifically about the comic?
A: Sure!

Q: What do you use to make your comics and stuff?
A: That is still a question about comics.

Q: Sorry.
A: It’s okay! I use Photoshop CS2 and a Wacom Intous 3 tablet. I mostly work digitally these days!

Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Uh, I guess. I haven’t honestly worked out any rates or anything like that, but right now I have kind of an open door policy on requests. So if you’re interested in something, ask away!